What have I been up to over the last month and a half? Well, that is a great question and since I haven’t been putting up any posts here for a while, I thought I’d share a short breakdown of what I have lined up at the moment.


LaW is an RPGish tabletop game a friend of mine has been working on for some time. I’ve been pulled in as a creative consultant and co-developer. It’s a massive game which includes a huge hex board, 15 men per side and can be played 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3. The game characters include a Leader, up to 3 Elite soldiers and 15 minions. Similar to D&D, Warhammer 4K, Risk and the likes, this game is heavily based on strategy. The variety of soldier types, mixed with varying power levels and abilities makes for a very dynamic game. There are 4+ factions with 5-8 Leaders per. Each Leader has their own unique style, providing the player with variable degrees choice based on their playing style. Most characters can equip abilities and items, use magic and take advantage of team ups. LaW is proposing to be a very involved experience.


This game, created by a close friend of mine, was conceived last year in August. The reason for date reference is because he introduced it to me at FanExpo 2014 at our exhibitors table. On our way there he said he had a game idea in mind and wanted to show me. I was excited, as I am with any game idea someone’s willing to share. When he came by with 2 decks of playing cards and a handful of sleeves I was intrigued. He then proceeded to place label paper on the cards and draw icons on them, playing them into the sleeves. When he was done he explained the game function. Essentially, Havoc is 3 to 4 player game where players vie for the most posts available per turn. There are two decks; PT deck and command deck. A rotating tabletop is set up and point cards are drawn and placed. These are the points for the round. Now each player draws 5 command cards in hand, each of which have a rotate left or rotate right command. There are also freeze, skip, and shuffle commands to keep the players guessing. Each player tries to influence the table with each card so that the highest PT card lands in front of them after the 5 command cards are played. Very standard but fun mechanic.

BED TIME BILLY (Visual Novels)

The Visual Novel and Game(s) to be released are based on the foundation that unexplained and frightening things that make noises at night. BTB is a new lore that has been created to be the cornerstone for a series of visual novels and hopefully a mobile game that uses the root of fear to entertain. Using audio and visual cues, an unnerving and hopefully unforgettable story will be told of a little boy and his encounters with the manifestation of fear. Imagination is a great things, but when the seed of fear is planted it can make the most mundane seem monstrous.


On April 12th, 2015 me and 3 other TYL members are going to be holding a panel at this years GTA comic con in Burlington. We will be talking about taking an idea from concept to consumer. Each of us shares our story, as well as general knowledge around developing an idea, making a plan and executing your vision through 5 stages of creation. It’s the first panel I’ve ever had the please to be invited to speak at so I can assure you we’re all pretty nervous.

  • Find out more about the con here – http://www.toycon.ca/comiccon/
  • Our panel showtime and location here – http://www.toycon.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Panel-Sched-2.jpg

Suffice to say I’ve been very busy, not to mention still renovating my basement and battling with a 3yr old. My hands and my head are at max capacity. Still tinkering away at my other games so never you fear. More updates to come later this month. Thank you all for sticking around.