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There is no other way - Showdown

Candy vs Gem – The Battle Continues

This may all seem a little silly but it is a true dilemma when it comes to design. Two things that are relatively similar in many ways, yet different enough to evoke a distinct preference. The battle in my mind continues… It’s always blue I’m always in the eye of the ‘design storm’ when it Read More

Injection code into a good deal of my pages has not F***ED up my damn evening. Hopefully I can get into phpMyAdmin and irradicate this SOB. Rrrrrrr. One thing that is ultra annoying about owning a WordPress site. Even with all the security features and plugins, there are small holes plugin developers may not see Read More

Playtesting, feedback. Playtesting, feedback. Long pause. Repeat. This will never cease to be the secret to making a great game.

Ben Pinchback

I feel like I'm missing something

Being busy is good… right?

Holy smack! The holiday season is here and Christmas is right around the corner. And what have I been doing this whole time since my last post? Hmph! Well, I’ll tell you. Busy Busy Bee I’ve been gone for quite some time, eh? So without getting into too much details here’s a summary of what has Read More

A key tool in developing a mature design is addressing those lingering feelings you have as a player. Isolate and fix those 1% kinks.

Grant Rodiek

Apologies for being MIA

If you’ve been following my Facebook or Tumblr or Twitter you may have seen some posts recently. Over the last 20-40 days though there haven’t been much in the way of updates to ADLi. I still have KS Campaign posts to draft and edit, a few other ideas and game community things I’ve written and Read More

The Idea Fairy Strikes Again

Read More

Efficiency = Effort + Money / Time

Back in January TYL members and I purchased a mobile game development tool called APG (AppGameKit). Version 2 had just been publically released on Steam and we jumped on the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor. It was something I’ve always said I’d try if I had the resources, and darn it, the price Read More

A huge thank you

A big, heartfelt appreciation goes out to all FanExpo visitors who stopped by to chat a little with me during the show. For anyone who chose to stick around while I rambled about my game crafting and decided to Like and follow and subscribe to my feeds leave me doubly blessed. All in all it Read More

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