Yeah! 🙁

It’s been a rough couple of months for me and it’s all coming to a head. I’m moving! That’s the big news. My family’s been preparing for this day since we got back from March break and it’s coming up fast. In two weeks we’ll be listing our house and in about 30-60 days we’ll be in a new one. I’m currently burning the midnight oil getting the house show worthy for next week and there’s been a lot of mini reno and tidy tasks that have kept me busy for weeks on end.

So what about the game designs, you say. Well, that too had to take a back seat to the everyday. I’m currently backing up my project harddrive and I’ve also been involved in casually working on a vlog. It’s for a channel I created on YouTube called AutoRoboto. There, you will find a variety of auto related videos; daily commute vlog, gaming, sketch segments and other randomly generated content. It’s a way for me to keep compiling content and keep creative while being on the road.


Yes I’m still Thinkering & Tinkering with ideas for games almost every other night. My AquaNotes note pad in the shower is filled with fun ideas that need a proper think through to validate whether or not I should roll it onto the development shelves. Those shelves, by the way, are pretty packed as it is so new ideas have be logged to a waiting list – no matter how simple or light they may be everyone knows if it’s worth heavy thinkering then it’s worth heavy tinkering. And tinker-time is almost non existent at the moment.

This has just been a friendly note to those who find the little time in the day to ready my site and enjoy the little things that this hobby game designer does. As always, there is more to come.