I’ve heard of going in blind, but…

How incredibly awesome is this to see? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not blown away by a blind person playing board games, but MTG of all things. There is so much textual detail and context in Magic that one would think it’s overwhelming even if you could see. The cards are beautiful and that Read More

Prototype everything! You never know what works in the real world if you only design in your head. A failed test may result in a successful fix for something else.

cK Leach

Make it smaller. Then make it smaller again. Until you can’t anymore.

John du Bois

The board game library you never had

Don’t have a large board game library at home? Maybe you just don’t have the space, the shelving or the cashola to maintain such a habit, but don’t despair. Board Game Arena has you covered. Thousands of players subscribed and hundreds are online right now to take you on in one of their many board games Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Round Up – Part 4

Game makers, heart breakers, and failed success I shared this KS Round Up with my TYL crew a short while back through email. I just pulled a massive list of campaigns through my Gmail search and only picked up on the ones I thought were worth writing about. I share snippet reviews via email all Read More

Those nights when your brain just won’t close up shop and pure nectar is pouring through.

Does the early bird always get the worm?

I’ve come across a board game podcast just recently and it’s very down to earth. I like the 3 hosts, Jeremy, Brian and Richard. They’re honest, they’re nerdy, they’re real. In this podcast Brian and Jeremy state their point of view on Early Birds in Kickstarter campaigns. You can watch the video edition of the Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Round Up – Part 3

They just keep on coming … and going A short follow up to the last set of campaigns I shared in part 2. Another set of well appreciated campaigns that had fallen well short of the mark. Trust me, it’s not like I’m ONLY picking on the campaigns that have failed, but statistically speaking there Read More

Go Turbo – Diamond in the rough

During my recent visit to my local Valvil (Value Village) thrift store, I came across a collectors item like no other. The hard to find, and even harder to justify NEC TurboExpress.  The TurboExpress is a handheld video game console, released by NEC in 1990. It is essentially a portable version of the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Round Up – Part 2

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Here are some interesting facts: It has been reported as of January 2014 that just under a mere 44% of KS campaigns are successful at reaching their target goal. A recent analysis of Indiegogo’s site showed a somewhat lower overall success rate of 34% if only projects that received Read More

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