The Idea Fairy Strikes Again

Related Post Designer Divergence A huge thank you Being busy is good… right? Efficiency = Effort + Money / Time Read More

Archiving Notes – The tedium

A couple nights ago I decided to go through some of my old note books. I was cleaning the office when I realized “I don’t have all my game dev note books in one place.” Worst case scenario I lose a book or it gets damaged. Wouldn’t wish that fate upon any creative or designer, Read More

Kickstarter Campaign Round Up – Part 1

Not the first and definitely not the last Hi, and welcome to the first in a series I like to call ‘Kickstarter Campaign Round Up’ where I provide snap analysis of Canadian KS campaigns. After going through a plethora of campaigns over the past year or so, I’ve decided to focus my interest in Games. Tabletop Read More

At what stage is a game ready for play testing? When you can’t find a way to break it yourself.

cK Leach

Working diligently behind closed doors

What have I been up to over the last month and a half? Well, that is a great question and since I haven’t been putting up any posts here for a while, I thought I’d share a short breakdown of what I have lined up at the moment. LANDAL AT WAR (LaW) LaW is an Read More

Efficiency = Effort + Money / Time

Back in January TYL members and I purchased a mobile game development tool called APG (AppGameKit). Version 2 had just been publically released on Steam and we jumped on the opportunity of getting in on the ground floor. It was something I’ve always said I’d try if I had the resources, and darn it, the price Read More

If your dreams don't incite you, you're not ready for bigger things.

cK Leach

Though the year has changed your goals shouldn't. Keep pushing for decades to come and reap what you've so delicately sown.

cK Leach

ADLi Print & Play

Print ‘N Play has really made access to board games possible for those who don’t/can’t get access to games locally. Especially on the indie game front PnP, as it’s more common termed, has given designers the flexibility to playtest and distribute games to players around the world while keeping production costs down.  BGG has an Read More

What I do with my time is completely up to time.

cK Leach

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