Print ‘N Play has really made access to board games possible for those who don’t/can’t get access to games locally. Especially on the indie game front PnP, as it’s more common termed, has given designers the flexibility to playtest and distribute games to players around the world while keeping production costs down.  BGG has an excellent category on PnP games which you can access at any time. There are literally thousands to choose from, and that’s just through BGG alone. There are a lot of other stand alone PnP sites out there, either providing access to games from their own designers or a collection from other designers not directly affiliated. There is no reason why anyone can’t play a board game or a card game or even a dice game. The majority of the games are free and all one needs to set it up is access to a printer and a little patience to cut and or glue and or assemble.

ADLi will also be offering PnP games as part of our development feedback and Share & Share alike swap program. PnPs will be available through post as they become available and on the main site menu. Currently in the works for Pnp are:

StormGate // A two player game pitting 7 on 7 in a battle for supremacy. A knight and 6 soldiers maneuver their way across a 6×4 grid board to capture the enemies gate. The concept is similar to capture the flag and plays very similar to Euro and Chinese chess, but more compact. It’s a game of pure strategic forethought.

Imperial Court // The game of influence will hopefully hit tables this November for public play testing. Imperial Court is a micro game based around players arranging their delegation in a sort of fashion to win the votes of the kingdom. Jealousy, deception and favour is the language of the courts.

Broken Lance Lite // A game of action, honour, and a steady hand. Players draw and drop cards, planning their best attack and then roll to complete their strike, all for admiration and the hand of the fair maiden. From medieval times to your kitchen table, bring the tilt home and experience the glory and defeat of noble knights.