Con Update 1

The Print & Play service provided by ADLi is postponed due to new and exciting files. The PDF downloads will be available tomorrow. After the show, I figured I might as well touch up snd release the free game boards, rules and other fun things. The current list of games being deployed in the ADL|PnP section will be the following:

  1. StormGame
  2. Word-a-bout
  3. Imperial Court

Con Update 2

Based on the overwhelmingly supportive feedback of my demos this year, I have a great idea. I have decided, for a limited time only and for a limited amount of visitors, a free 2 weeks to try out any of games I demoed at the Orillia Comic Con. Those games will be NUPUGA (30 piece set), Inside 7 (30 tile set), Word-a-bout (30 card deck). Because Imperial court and StormGate are print and plays, it make them easier for gamer to try before they buy. With the the limited set of components, one can sample the game without getting into heavy play. If by any chance a gamer wants to try the full game with all components, a request can be made.

Con Update 3

For those that I had collected emails for, I will be contacting you all shortly with a personal email outlining my humble gratitude and insight on the development of the games presented. Hold tight. It’s only the day after the con. Lots of updates and uploads to do.


Thank you all for coming and hope I can fulfill a gaming need you or a friend/family. If I have not contacted you by next weekend, feel free to shoot me an email. Remember, there are no stupid questions. Just the ones  I ignore.