Mind to Matter – ADLi Dev Log

Above is an image gallery of stuff that I’ve posted to my Dev Log over on Tumblr. The reason I don’t post my dev log here on the main ADLi site is simple. I don’t know… I really don’t know.

I had already started the Tumblr dev log long before I had the official ADLi site up so I figured I keep them separate for now. I also have an honest  following on Tumblr so I continue to spew my brain matter about game design there, keeping the more structured article-based writing for the main site. I really should move it over and leverage the Tumblr as more of a brain storm shop. Bring the finalized write here to the site. OR I can leave it as is. Tease the dev log here on the main site and continue to build a following over on Tumblr.

Yeah! I think I’ll do that. I create a snippet, like I do with the quotes, and have that direct over to Tumblr.