Summit: The great race

Ancient games don’t always have to be ancient. Here is a game design for those that enjoy the classics, like Senet , Ludo and Ur.

Yes, I’m still here and still making things that make me happy. Speaking of which, I’m happy to announce ‘Summit’ (The Great Race). Two teams of 5 race to the summit of a mountain ridge where their camps are located. The course is laced with tunnels, laden with rocky paths and a sink hole along the upper most ridge. The goal is to be the first to get your whole team into camp. Crossing paths with your opponents, using tunnels for short cuts and pairing up to protect your teammates are all part of the fun.

Play tested today with 4 people and it’s Mother Approved! so far. Print ‘N Play coming soon, along with game manual and video tutorial.

*PnP versions of my other games to be added to soon.

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  • Pragmatic31

    i love senet and I don’t care what people say about roll n move games. they are fun if you’re willing to make it fun. a few drinks and a few crazy friends playing snakes n ladders could be the best night you have in months. alcohol and boardgames work so well together

    • admin

      Thanks. It’s one of those ideas that came to my while playing some old games. Senet has been one of my favourite and I was just getting into Ur. I wanted to create a classic roll and move, but having intersecting elements and other simple strategies. The multiple pawn concept was clearly inspiration from Senet and the board design as well. I even went as far as designing a number stick instead of using dice.

      Yes, a wood board would look nice CNC routed. I was thinking laser but it’s too modern. Heck, even hand chiseling this out on some oak or cherry would make it seem authentic. All the pits would be hand painted with gold or silver paint. I haven’t thought about a design for the pawns yet. I should get on that.

  • WormwoodSuperstar

    Nice design. Would look good routed and stained on hardwood. What did you have in mind for the pawn designs? Hand carved or just discs?

  • murmurmoshi

    Another roll and move game. Not my cup of tea, but I like the idea of the counting stick. Kinda similar to gem dice for D&D. Could be cool

    • admin

      Thank you. The counting stick was kind of inspired by the penta, hexa or octa gem dice they use for D&D. Good eye.

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