A big, heartfelt appreciation goes out to all FanExpo visitors who stopped by to chat a little with me during the show. For anyone who chose to stick around while I rambled about my game crafting and decided to Like and follow and subscribe to my feeds leave me doubly blessed. All in all it was a fantastic show, again, for ADLi and my expectations were superseeded by the presence and test play from avid chess players. StormGate did fairly better than it did last year. Word-a-about again astonished me by drawing in the most attention, gathering interest with both Scrabble and non-Scrabble fans. Imperial Court, though presented late in the show, held it’s own but as to be expected held very little attention due to it being so new and a straight forward to play.

Victor, the gentleman that I was sharing the table with, had come up with a game idea at the show in which we shared the first playtest with two unsuspecting patrons. They liked it, and we worked out the kinks on the fly. It was great. Expect another title to be published here through ADLi.

There are more updates to come which will be posted on the and other downloadable stuff, including game info and Print &┬áPlay copies of the games I’ve demoed at the show. I’d like to hear from you. Your feedback is important to development of these games and we hope to share the full production version of the game with you in the near future.