I love to create game ideas. From fun to frustrating, I’ve always found freedom in creating things and now with the re-emergence of social gaming and tabletop game design I can revisit the fun I had designing hand made games with my family.

Inside 7 //

Push, slide, and bomb your way through this mathematically simple tabletop game. Your goal; place numbered tiles on the deck to total no more than 7. Last legal play takes the trick.

  • Status – In progress. Tweaking balance of elements and numbered tiles.
  • Play testing – Open Beta
  • Notes – Still getting feedback on balance of numbered tiles. Possibly adding in bonus scoring and modify terms used for game actions.

AXIA v2 //

A themeless abstract game where players move pawns around a circular board where all the spaces aren’t connected. The discs are two sided and have different movement properties once flipped.

  • Status – Development.
  • Play testing – None
  • Notes – Still working out the mechanics and goal for the game. I like the idea but can’t lock down a purpose.

King of the Hill //

Inspired by classical game formats, KofH (working title) is a traditional game design that pits player against player. 8 discs per player and 2 dice are rolled. Players move in opposing directions, winding their way to the center so they can be crowned before proceeding to the thrown. First player to throne all his men win.

  • Status – Development
  • Play testing – Closed Alpha
  • Notes – Still speculating on whether a circular board or a square board would be more natural. Both have particular properties and don’t visually play the same way.

Revo-Battle Revolution //

Not so much a game as it is a battle card system. The system is based around a 3 card, 3 token setup. Your fight card, style card and character card are all double sided, giving players the flexibility to mix and match their fighting styles. The fight card is 4 sided and and players rotate and flip the card to link combos and defend or counter against attacks.

  • Status – Development. Working out additional mechanics
  • Play testing – Open Alpha
  • Notes – Play testing was a success and the first draft of the rule book has been completed. Currently working on the faction crests and character designs.

Below are older games that I have in further stages of development. This list includes the following that have production quality prototypes and public play testing  already completed.

Imperial Court //

The game of influence will hopefully hit tables this November for public play testing. Imperial Court is a micro game based around players arranging their delegation in a sort of fashion to win the votes of the kingdom. Jealousy, deception and favour is the language of the courts.

  • Status – In progress. Locking in card functions and rules. Requires fine tuning.
  • Play testing – On pause
  • Notes – Winning conditions are locked in, but I’m still fiddling with another idea that may changed the flow of the game. Still working things out.

Word·a·bout //

A vocabulary game that tests your ability to build words with word fragments in a short period of time. In a deck of 90, 3 cards with 3 fragments are flipped face up on the table. Every player now has 45 seconds to try and spell as many words as they can by using the the fragments shown.

  • Status –  Core game complete. Expansions being developed.
  • Play testing – Complete
  • Notes – Game variations are being worked on.


My first completed, but yet to be published. It is a number puzzle game using 4 colours, 4 numbers and 70 universally fitting pieces. The game has a solitaire mode for those looking to burn time, build techniques and better their matching abilities.

  • Status – Complete.
  • Play testing – Complete
  • Notes – Looking for a vendor to product low run copies. Also working on a child friendly version and and Elite edition.

StormGate //

A two player game pitting 7 on 7 in a battle for supremacy. A knight and 6 soldiers maneuver their way across a 6×4 grid board to capture the enemies gate. The concept is similar to capture the flag and plays very similar to Euro and Chinese chess, but more compact. It’s a game of pure strategic forethought.

  • Status – Complete
  • Play testing – Private Beta.
  • Notes – Working on game design, varying themes and customer pawns and wood boards.

Below is a mixed list of early and more recent game ideas that have some development time invested. What’s become of them? Well, they all have some core mechanics that are worth keeping the game around for. Time and interest will tell when and if I get back on developing them.

Race for the Sun Stone // The pyramid building game where sabotage, thievery and luck are the cornerstones for success. The goal is to finish building your 25pc pyramid before you opponent does, but keep in mind, between you and your rival there is only one sun stone to complete your architectural masterpiece.

Spin Driver // A racing trading card game based on the original comic book series ‘ORBUSTER’, written and drawn by me. It features 4 teams of 3 wheelers (racers), each out to prove they are the best of the best. The game provides an all-card game play for both actions and course. The pace leader can change hands at any time and the game play intensifies as you try to outlast and ultimately outrun your opponents.

FlipSwitchBump: CHAOS THEOREM // The hex tile game where you trap, skip and bump your way to victory. A little strategy and a lot of chaos makes this game a blast for 2-6 players. The more players the more chaotic excitement. Chase down and force your adversaries off the edge and the last player standing wins.

Broken Lance // My take on the classic medieval dual of jousting. Both players take 5 turns simultaneously as they tilt. The game consists of a game board, 6 knights, 3 horses, 3 dice and 2 identical decks of 50 cards. Each player draws and builds their hand over 5 turns before attempting to score points by breaking their lance on their opponent.

A Perfect Game! // ADLi brings the classic game of bowling to your home. The unique take on table top bowling is under development, and quite honestly, will give you more in the way of bowling technique than any little plastic ball and pins on a wood lane ever could. There will be a wooden ball and wooden pins, but that’s just because game bits are cool.

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