Imperial Court

Imperial court card

Imperial Court

No. of Players: 2-4

Playtime: 5-15 minutes

Age: 10+

Type:  Family

Published: n/a

Designer: CK Leach

Artist: n/a

Mechanisms: Card Order, Hand Management

Expansion: Blackmail Edition

Game Description

The game of influence: Your end goal is to influence the kingdom to vote in your party’s favour. In the game there are 5 tiers or nobility — from His Majesty, the King down to the the knight.The purpose of the game is the build a row of loyal delegates in ascending or descending tier order. Players can affect their opponent’s delegation (played cards) or hand by using either Aggressive or Passive functions on each card. The game is provoking, annoying and sometime loud as you chop, block and trip your opponents to victory — “Rally a list of loyal delegates to sway the favour of the Emperor and his subjects. A 2-4 player game using a deck-building mechanic, secure the hearts of the people as you construct combinations of Nobles in the kingdom.”



How To Play videos: NA

Download game rules: NA

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