No. of Players: 2-4

Playtime: 15-40 minutes

Age: 8+

Type: Family

Published: n/a

Designer: CK Leach

Artist: CK Leach

Mechanisms: Puzzle, Matching

Expansion: Classic, Junior, ELI73, Stax


NUPUGA, in its simplicity, is a game of numbers and colours played with puzzle pieces. In this game of strategy and chance, your objective is to outscore your opponent once all the pieces are played. Enjoyed by the young and old alike, you’ll never play the same game twice. A 70 piece set and a blind draw ensure an entertaining and engaging game every time. The idea of the game is to match numbers and colours to score points. Simple? Seems so, but remember, you are not just trying to score. You are also playing to block your opponents from scoring and set up future scoring opportunities. Go on the offensive to try and outscore your opponent through quick points, or maybe the best offense is a good defense as you play to block all scoring opportunities and try and cash in at the very end. And if that wasn’t enough, you’re limited to only placing pieces at a 90° angle. Like chess, forethought is your ultimate weapon, and giving a point to collect more points will always keep your opponent guessing. Easy enough to learn, with additional solitaire rules, NUPUGA is a light, fun game that will have both children and adults alike entertained for hours.

Additionally, NUPUGA is now in the stages of alternative game play development. With the creation of NUPUGA +comp (plus components) the number puzzle game experience just got enhanced.


The game will be released under a few different versions for play and collection.

  • NUPUGA will be the standard edition, second surface printing on clear acrylic pieces. Durable pieces that look and feel great.
  • NUPUGA Classic will be printed and cut standard puzzle pieces. This will keep the cost low for production and provide players access to the game before considering the acrylic version.
  • NUPUGA Junior is the kids version of the game. Large and boldly coloured wooden pieces with easy-fit design allow kids and parents to break out the game on the floor. With pegs in the top for easy handling kids feels right at home with matching colours and numbers. Also comes in an animal edition.
  • NUPUGA EL|73 is the creme de la creme. This elite version has an aluminium face and is backed on stained wood. The numbers are laser etched and the set comes in a limited edition metal tin or wood box. Other materials are also being considered to make this set special.
  • NUPUGA Stakx allows players to play vertically instead of just one plain. The pieces are similar to that of the standard version, so a regular game of NUPUGA can be played with this set, but these pieces now have a magnetic component that allows them to sit stacked on each other without falling off.

+comp are supplementary piece to provides players with a more immersed  and customized experience.

  • Scorecards – record scores
  • Objective Cards – used for bonus points, winning conditions and adding difficulty
  • Learning material – mathematics and patterns
  • Game board/mat – add tabletop patterns to add further increase game difficulty
  • Storage/travel case – securely store game pieces and +c0mp items for travel or easy access