This may all seem a little silly but it is a true dilemma when it comes to design. Two things that are relatively similar in many ways, yet different enough to evoke a distinct preference. The battle in my mind continues…

Candies VS Gems

It’s always blue

I’m always in the eye of the ‘design storm’ when it comes to colour and elements. I have my set of favourites and I believe a lot of people gravitate to a particular colour or colour range. Blue! Just so we’re all clear, blue is my absolute favourite. Any type of blue, that is. I seem to gravitate to it. From the rich, vibrant electric to the cold, hard slate. But enough about my blue fetish. Candy vs Gem. This topic goes beyond colour. Colour, surprisingly enough, is one main similarity these two share. Moreover, the shape and presentation of candy (gummies more so) have mimicked gems down to a tee.

The proof is in the prototype

The artwork for the game I’m working on will be either one or the other. I think I’m leaning towards gems, but will keep the art vague enough so I can get feedback on what play testers think the tiles should represent. Now, die cutting the pieces would be sweet sweet whichever way a lean. For the prototype I will just use square chipboard tiles that I always use. Just add a shape and colour to the tiles. Both shape and colour are part of the mechanism for this game. You may be thinking Bejeweled or Candy Crush inspired, and you’re not that far off. Though this game can be developed the same way with different elements, the shape and finish of the pieces cater more to the theme I’m going for.

I’m running an ongoing poll, through Instagram and Facebook, on which object people prefer. Might add a poll to Facebook as well, if I can figure it out.  It’s a small thing but opinions matter, especially to a designer. You can contribute to this tally by voting on my Facebook page.

Only one can win.