Don’t have a large board game library at home? Maybe you just don’t have the space, the shelving or the cashola to maintain such a habit, but don’t despair. Board Game Arena has you covered. Thousands of players subscribed and hundreds are online right now to take you on in one of their many board games accessible through digital access.

Play online in Real-Time or Turn-Based. If you’ve got an hour or two to burn between projects, fancy a quick game during your lunch period at work, a little wind down time after dinner, or having friends across the country (or across the street) you just can’t get to hang out and play games with, you can do so here. With Real-Time gameplay, both (all) players are online at the same time and play live during the game session. It makes for timely response and gives the game a more interactive feel. But what if you want to play Senet or Takenoko and no one’s online live at the moment, you can play Turn-Based. This allows players to make their move(s), then submit a confirmation of the end of their turn. The notification is sent to the other/next player and the next time they are online they can take their turn. Thus, the game is completed over a period time at everyone’s leisure. This is already something mobile games have implemented and it makes playing games with others over the net casual and fun.

Players can not only engage in casual games, but there is also a community element to this — as to be expected of anything online and social — and to top it off, there are even competitions. Feel you’re the best Backgammon player in your city? Have you bested the best Backgammon players in your gaming community? Well here at Board Game Arena you can TAKE ON THE WORLD! Through their competitions players compete for trophies, rank and bragging rights among the online board game community.

There are a ton of online board game communities out there like Battle Grounds Games and just to name two. Here you can find an extensive list of online board games and board game hubs offering tons of tabletop titillation through the click your mouse.