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Failure is a form of success in its own merit. Success in what NOT to do.


Understand that a good idea may take as little as an instant, but a good design may take as long as a decade.

Reiner Knizia

Tip for new designers: your first half-dozen games (at least) are going to be terrible. Lower your expectations, iterate quickly, and be prepared to throw them out.

Peter C. Hayward

A key tool in developing a mature design is addressing those lingering feelings you have as a player. Isolate and fix those 1% kinks.

Grant Rodiek

Every theme is pasted on. Our job is to make that paste as strong as possible.

Jon Gilmour

Try to play your game as quickly as possible. Find out whether your core idea has the spark to be interesting. Don’t think about it; try it. Forget about balancing, artwork and UI. Instead try to define what you consider to be the core mechanisms, and test whether they are fun at all.

Asger Sams Granerud

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Is it your responsibility as a game designer to create a system where it is difficult to cheat? This conversation has people flip flopping depending on which side they sympathize with, the player or the designer. But since this post is directed at designers there should be no defensive stance on this. I will say Read More

Prototype everything! You never know what works in the real world if you only design in your head. A failed test may result in a successful fix for something else.

cK Leach

Make it smaller. Then make it smaller again. Until you can’t anymore.

John du Bois

Those nights when your brain just won’t close up shop and pure nectar is pouring through.

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